Sugar and Spice and Everything “not nice”?………

There’s no doubt that fentanyl is a dangerous drug that has impacted the lives of so many in North Carolina and the world. According to a May 14, 2018 report from the NC Chief Medical Examiner’s Office, between 2010 and 2017 deaths because of fentanyl and/or analogue use increased by 847.5%. Also, as a Schedule II Class H felony, it carries a possible 39 months in jail. Needless to say, possession of fentanyl is a serious thing.

But what if a field test mistook something that everyone has in their home as fentanyl? Impossible? Not really. A recent case in New Hanover County, NC had 3 suspects charged with possession of 13 pounds of a substance that their field test said was fentanyl. Turns out what was a major drug bust was something a little bit sweeter…13 pounds of sugar. The test falsely identified 13 pounds of sugar as 13 pounds of fentanyl.

While the suspects will have to answer to other charges (there were other drugs and paraphernalia found in the home) they will not have to worry about facing any charges associated with fentanyl possession.

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